Passionfruit cheesecake

To celebrate Kris’s birthday I knew that i would have to attempt one of his favorite foods, cheesecake.   Let me start out by saying that I have never made a cheesecake before, let alone a baked cheesecake, but I found an amazing recipe for passionfruit baked cheesecake that I couldn’t resist.

We never really ate cheesecake growing up, and I have never seen my mum make one, but figured that the recipe didn’t look too hard despite a huge number of steps.

I got to use my trusty food processor to make the crust from butternut and digestive biscuits (which apparently don’t even aid digestion) and while lining the pan I could tell that this would taste delicious, regardless of whether the appearance isn’t perfect.

The next step was to make the passionfruit curd, and since I have been buying so many passionfruit I added extra (but made sure to drain off any excess juice).

Tasting delicious so far, I started to make the cheese filling when I realised that I misread the philly package and had only bought 250g instead of the required 500g. It was about 9:30pm by this stage so I did a little late night run to IGA to stock up.

After making a right mess of the kitchen, flinging creamcheese and sour cream everywhere from the beaters, the cake was finally in the oven.

I read a bit online about baking cheesecake and scared myself a little about the cracks that can form, so I added a tray of boiling water to keep up the humidity in the oven. The recipe said it only required 45 min cooking time, but to me it still looked really raw, so I pretty much doubled that until it was mostly set but still with a little wobble in the middle.

Left to cool in the oven, I pulled out the cake to find only one small crack! Woohooo!! I still had to top it with the remaining passionfruit so in the end you couldn’t even see it.

The only problem was that the crust was so crumbly that a bit snapped off while removing the cake from the pan, even though it was well greased. So the appearance wasn’t perfect but the bit that fell off was quickly eaten up…

We went to Tibetan Kitchen in West End for dinner with some family and friends (amazing food) and I brought enough candles and sparklers to sufficiently embarrass Kris in front of the rest of the restaurant… Hehe.

More birthday fun to come…

Photos from: my camera (I can’t believe I didn’t get a single photo of the finished product ahhhh)

5 thoughts on “Passionfruit cheesecake

  1. Thelma

    I was part of the family at the Tibetan Restaurant for Kris’ Birthday. Let me tell you, that cheesecake was the best I have everrr tasted. In fact, as Kris and Jas went out afterwards to meet up with some friends, I got to take the master cheesecake home, and, guess what – you guessed it – I recall sending and email with just the words “Divine” – Kris and Jas knew exactly what that meant – no cheesecake left. YUM !!

  2. fleur

    cheesecake is so annoying to make! yours looks great and i want to try a passionfruit one. my boy loves cheesecake aswell in the lemon variety. good work!


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