Cream of Tomato Soup

Wow, this cold weather is really making me wish I had some kind of trip to the Northern Hemisphere or a tropical island planned. But alas, I am stuck in Brisbane with a bit of a blocked nose and sore throat, standard for this time of year.

The only thing that makes me feel better about the cold is snuggling up under a warm doona and eating hot soup with a side of crusty bread. I love so many types of soup, but nothing beats a good cream of tomato.

Google-ing a recipe for cream of tomato soup brings up a ridiculous number of different recipes, but I knew that I wanted to use fresh tomatoes rather than tinned (it makes a HUGE difference) and also wanted fresh cream to be included.

I came across this recipe that fit all of my criteria, and since Heston was on Masterchef last week, I figured that it was well worth a try. The end result was delicious, but I think that the extra butter added at the end is excessive (not to mention unhealthy) and it was pretty hard work getting all the tomatoes through the sieve.

The ‘secret ingredient’… Tomato ketchup

The work did pay off and we enjoyed our warming soup with some bread that was topped with a home-made basil pesto. Delicious!

Now winter, please play nice! We like you because it means we don’t sweat and can wear awesome clothes but this rain and cold is getting ridiculous.

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4 thoughts on “Cream of Tomato Soup

  1. Sheila

    Thanks for the beautiful soup recipe. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re about to undergo a heat wave, so i won’t make it this week! But for your sore throat, put a piece of garlic in your mouth when you’re going to bed and keep pressing on it with your teeth through the night – that should cure your throat. And don’t forget to gargle with salt water. Okay, babe, stay well! Love, Mum

    1. jazziefizzle

      haha thanks for the advice mum, I’ll be sure to try this garlic trick, at least it will keep vampires away if nothing else!! (but it might keep kris away too haha) xx

  2. bookjunkie

    you always make cooking look so easy but I know it’s real hard. I can’t cook but you make me want to try :) Wish I could reach out and have some of that soup!! looks so yummy!!!


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