It’s finally Spring

How better to celebrate the first day of spring than by sharing some photos of a beautiful tree.  The pink flowers that covered the surrounding grass drew me in, as it looked like the perfect place to sit and pass some time, daydreaming or reading a book.

Loving my Black Milk body suit.  I have lurked the website for ages but after seeing the pieces in person I took the plunge and bought myself a ribcage.  So looking forward to checking out the new collection on Sunday.

I could have stayed here all day if it wasn’t for the ants…

Photos taken by: Kris

5 thoughts on “It’s finally Spring

  1. bookjunkie

    love your new layout cos I chose it too :) Instantly fell in love with the minimalist look when I first saw it. But I might change again if they come up with an even sweeter one. I am so fickle.

    Love the scenary where you are…so pretty!! Looks like Japan with the cherry blossom like flowers? are those cherry blossoms?


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