Secret garden

On such a rainy night, I thought it would be nice to share some colourful pictures from my visit to the community garden last weekend.  It is so relaxing to wander around, camera in hand, trying to capture the magical feeling of the garden.

Plenty of flowers to attract the bees and butterflies.

Brassica flowers, that I was convinced to eat right from the bush.

This rosemary makes me want roasted potatoes.

The bees and butterflies love the lavender, it gives off such a fantastic scent.

A cauliflower, almost ready for harvest.

The snow peas are so sweet straight from the vine.

I have been slowly fililng in my new recipe journal with some favourites so I don’t have to flick through old magazines.  I have really been wanting the Moleskine Recipe Journal, but since I haven’t seen it in Australia I went with this one that is just as good!

All photos from: my camera

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