Cookie monster

A girlfriend and I recently wandered past Mrs Fields, and were suckered in to buying a whole bag of their miniature cookies (you know I just can’t resist anything small, cute and delicious) and ate them until we were all cookied out.

It reminded me that I had a bag of dark chocolate chips tucked away, and as much as I love just eating them straight from the bag, I thought it would be a great chance to bake something sweet for my work colleagues.

I had a quick google for a recipe that I hoped would live up to the crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle goodness that we had from Mrs Fields, and though I can’t say that these were anywhere near that, they were still quite delicious.

I ended up going with Martha Stewart’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and would definitely recommend them as they were so easy to make.

Yum! Choccie chips…

Ready to go into the oven

Good to go.

Warm cookies are the best.

Given that the weather has suddenly decided that it is summer, almost overnight, we have been craving all things cold, watermelon, frozen yoghurt and ice cream.  It is very dangerous having some good quality vanilla bean ice cream in your freezer, because you end up doing things like this…

I have to admit, Tartelette reminded me of how good ice cream sandwiches are… and I think these could have been even better if the cookies were more ‘flat’ than ‘domed’ but they were still amazing.  Ahhh I so want an ice cream maker, imagine all the possibilities!

Anyone want a cookie?

Recipe from: Martha Stewart

Photos from: my camera, with help from Kris

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