Just a minute: December 2010

Wow… i can hardly believe it is the last day of 2010. This year really has flown so fast, despite being a year of mostly work and only a little play, I have had an absolute ball!

We have been on so many fantastic little trips away, including to Bali for the wedding of our wonderful friends, Sydney, Byron Bay, Hunter Valley, Splendour in the Grass, numerous coastal trips and a family weekend in Melbourne to celebrate my great-grandma’s 100th birthday.

We spent the year living the good life, enjoying wonderful food, coffee, wine and company, and our hard work studying was rewarded when we found out that we had both been accepted into med school.

We got push bikes, a good coffee machine and threw ourselves into blogging more regularly, and I feel like I have pushed my boundaries and improved both my cooking and photography skills.

Fizzle Out began this time last year, as a new and improved wordpress blog, and I made a commitment to creating content and documenting my life in these pages. Looking back over my posts of the last year, I feel like I have finally begun to develop a blogging style, found a bit of a niche and have made many fabulous online and twitter friends (and even met some wonderful bloggers in real life, who are just as fantastic in person).

2011 will be a big and challenging year, making the switch from full-time work to student lifestyle, and the move from Brisbane back to my home town of the Gold Coast. It will be a year of making new friends and returning to my wonderful high school lovers (and, of course, my family), and finding our way in a whole new world of challenges. I am so excited to experience everything that comes my way.

As with last year, I am not making any specific resolutions, but would rather say:

2011 will be full of positivity and challenges, and plenty of fun moments with precious people.

We will be healthy, and wealthy, and most of all, will make the most of the opportunities that come our way.

We will go out of our comfort zone, try new things, meet new people and experience new places.

We will be grateful for how lucky we are to be surrounded by such inspiring and supportive people, and will make the time to show them how much we care.


If you are thinking of making some changes this year, or writing some resolutions… have a read of this ‘life list‘. So inspiring.


Anyway… on to just a minute.  During December I have been:

Loving… a hint of sunshine after a month of rain, being unemployed, my flourishing herb garden, seeing my family together again, playing with bokeh, going on long walks with my lover, stunning sunsets from our balcony

Cooking… passionfruit curd, pesto, homemade ketchup, chocolate biscotti, cinnamon sugar pecans – all to put in gift baskets.  Healthy food: minestrone soup, rice paper rolls, veggie thai green curry, summer salads, watermelon ‘cake’


Dreaming of… summer beach days, the perfect rental house, overseas travels, winning the lotto, exercise being easy

What about you?  How was your December?  How was your 2010?  Share some resolutions if you are making any, I would love to hear all about them!

5 thoughts on “Just a minute: December 2010

  1. anna

    your photo above of the lights looking like love hearts is my favourite.
    my resolutions are to love, laugh and play :)
    i cant wait for 1993! wooo

  2. Tracey

    Your 2010 was filled with lots of loveliness, and based on your plans for 2011, there will be much more of that coming your way in the new year.

    I hope to be more open to things next year and start all kinds of adventures, like taking some extended leave from work and finishing a manuscript.

    Happy New Year! :)


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