Party food: Watermelon ‘cake’

I can hardly believe that it is our last week at work… this year has just flown by so fast!  Of course, with Christmas comes parties, and it can be a bit tough sometimes to think of what to bring to share as party food, especially knowing that we don’t have access to an oven at work and there will be plenty of cakes, cookies and sweets provided.

This year, I decided to forego the baking and bring some healthy snacks, that I know I will be craving after one too many chips or cupcakes.

A tasty treat that I have wanted to try, and thought would be a great alternative to baking a cake, is Martha Stewart’s watermelon ‘cake’.

Now this one was very confusing for Kris, as he didn’t understand where the ‘cake’ part comes from if it isn’t a cake.  Really, it is just a more fancy way to serve sliced watermelon, which is perfect for an Aussie Christmas.

I couldn’t find a melon baller in the supermarket (where do you even buy those things?) so improvised with a spoon, therefore the presentation isn’t as pretty as it could be, but to make up for it I added blueberries on top for an extra treat.

A nice change from the usual unhealthy Christmas treats.

Photos from: my camera

Recipe from: Martha Stewart

23 thoughts on “Party food: Watermelon ‘cake’

      1. bookjunkie

        you definitely make fruit look a whole lot more enticing. Anyone living with you would have no trouble getting in their daily fruits and vegetables which I have to admit, I struggle with.

  1. Debby

    This looks both delicious and beautiful….but it’s snowing outside so won’t be trying it until summer…..I must remember to file this recipe away somewhere..

    1. jazziefizzle

      thank you!! yes I have a ‘to try’ bookmark folder that I use to save all the amazing recipes from Northern hemisphere bloggers. Must be hard to imagine watermelon when it is snowing haha.

  2. Samantha Ashton

    After looking at yours and then Martha’s, yours is my pick! its a little rugged looking but a lot delicious and has inspired me to try it for Christmas.


  3. Tracey

    This is beautiful – it looks incredible and there’s nothing better than fresh watermelon at this time of year.

    I think I’ll need to ‘make’ something similar to balance all the unhealthiness I’ll be indulging in! :)

  4. reluctant veggie

    lovely idea! i would totally go to that over a real cake any day.

    you might have to try a kitchen specialty store for the mellon baller. or a store like target. not sure what they have on your side of the pond…


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