Vegetarian Sushi and Inari

The best thing about moving to a new area is discovering all the little things that there are on offer.  The other day while grocery shopping, I discovered a little Japanese supermarket right next to Woolworths.  Though some of the items were a bit of a mystery (especially for a vegetarian), I picked up a few ingredients and headed home to make sushi for dinner.

I also came across a big bag of inari pockets, which I snapped up quickly as they are one of our favourites at sushi train.

If you have never come across inari before, it can look a little scary, but it is just fried tofu that is stuffed with rice.  Give it a go when you see it go past on a sushi train, as I think you will be surprised by the sweetness that you normally don’t get from sushi.

Though we eat sushi out all the time, it is rare for me to make it at home, as it takes a bit of time – something we rarely have too much of.  In saying that, it is the perfect Sunday afternoon event, so you can potter around and take your time and still eat at a reasonable hour.

There are plenty of instructions available online for making sushi, so I won’t pain you with my instructions as someone who isn’t an expert on the topic.  It really is easy to do if you have a bamboo mat (which I have even seen in my local grocery store), proper sushi rice and rice vinegar, to keep it all sticking together.

Fill the sushi with whatever you like.  I used cucumber, capsicum, carrot, lettuce and tofu.  Avocado and asparagus would be a fabulous filling also.

Not the prettiest sushi, but that didn’t affect the taste.

Sushi platter at home… Perfect dinner.

Serve with soy sauce, japanese mayo & wasabi.

Photos from: my camera

61 thoughts on “Vegetarian Sushi and Inari

  1. Ashe

    I have always wondered what was in those little things now i know i will give it a try, you did awesome if thats your first ever sushi attempt!

  2. Dizey

    Yummo jaasie! I make them all the time and have mastered the art. Nice with a sliced up omlette or grated carrot. As a fish eater smoked salmon tooooo yummo, x o

  3. Kiwidutch

    Himself likes sushi better than I do, but I have it sometimes and yes it’s easy to make once you have the right bits and bobs assembled. Excellent photos of an excellent meal I’d say ( an I’m not showing this post to Himself until after dinner ‘cos we have home-made lasagna in the fridge and I know he’d be thinking… it’s good but it’s not as good as sushi !LOL)

    1. jazziefizzle

      Thank you so much! haha yes don’t show him the pics of sushi before you are about to eat lasagne, and I won’t tell my boyfriend that you are having lasagne as that is his favourite meal and he will feel deprived haha.

  4. Tracey

    Oh. My. Goodness.

    I had no idea you could buy inari pockets – I LOVE inari (it’s my sushi ‘dessert’ whenever I have sushi) … so sweet! :)

    Your sushi dinner looks beautiful … we used to make our own sushi at home but got a bit lazy … though your post is an inspiration – it’s time for us to crack out the sushi mat again I think! :)

    1. jazziefizzle

      haha I know, my dad found them in a Japanese grocer years ago, before I had ever seen them at sushi train… but yes, they are definitely a little dessert (but I still find myself putting wasabi and soy sauce on them… weird).

      Thank you! Yes it is a bit of effort but well worth it in the end – not an every day thing though :)

  5. foodblogandthedog

    I’ve never heard of Inari but am so intrigued now and will make it my personal mission to find some!Beautiful blog, by the way, I just found you from foodpress front page and wil be popping by to follow your journey…

  6. Sally

    I’ve learned something new today – I’d never heard of inari. And was never brave enough to make sushi but I think I’ll try. Just need a bamboo mat and off I go Lovely pics.s

  7. Sheila

    Well, miss fizzleout – now i know what i’ll ask you to bring to the Feb birthday dinner on the 26th (your 26th birthday – wow, that went fast!) by the way, we love the inari with veggies stuffed in them too. yum, yum – mum

  8. MJyummymunch

    Yum! They look so good and I love sushi! I had it for lunch today :) I’ve made sushi rolls at home before but they didn’t look as good as yours. Thanks for sharing and congrats on getting featured on Foodpress!

    MJ –

  9. Mrs. Dohpaz

    Absolutely love sushi! This looks wonderful. I always like reading about different ingredients that people use. Strangely I never thought of using tofu as a filling. But I guess it would be a good substitute for something like cream cheese.

  10. thecoffeesnob

    I have no clue how you do it but I always make such a mess when I make sushi. Yours all look absolutely perfect and like they belong right at a sushi bar!

    Anyway I read in your previous posts that you recently relocated to Gold Coast. I hope you guys aren’t too badly affected by the floods and then the cyclone- my heart goes out to you all.

  11. Old Bent Nail

    Sushi . . . . and may I add raw honey . . . are quite possibly the world’s most perfect foods. It is also amazing how easily Sushi adapts to a purely vegetarian production, every bit as artistic too. A post well concieved and obviously well thought of. WTG on FP!!

  12. albeindc

    great presentation and photos! inari is always awesome, though i’d get very bored with vegetarian sushi/kimbap. get some eel or octopus or fatty tuna in there!

  13. I Made You A Mixtape

    I have always thought that making sushi is extremely complicated… but actually, seems like even someone like me who is completely challenged in the kitchen could give it a try! Useless piece of knowledge: not only is Inari a delicious looking sushi accompaniment- it is also name of a lake in Lapland. Small world! :o)

  14. gmomj

    Really great pictures.
    Now I have to find that inari,
    I have never seen it.
    Have you tried the sushi sandwich? It’s awesome!
    My daughter blogged it if you are interested.

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