Blogger Date at The Village Markets

Gotta love waking up to sunshine on a Sunday after a miserably cold and rainy couple of days!  Although there were some threatening storm clouds on the horizon, the sun peeked through, making it the perfect weather to get out of the house and down to the Village Markets.

How sweet are these cushions!

To make the day even better, I was lucky enough to meet up with a couple of blogger friends, Jess – who runs Ela Hawke Vintage, and Liss – of Daydream Lily.

After a browse of the markets, and a little extra vintage shopping at Hello Friend, we had a well deserved coffee date at one of our new favourites – Commune.

How cool is Liss’ camera?!  I would love to have the skills to take decent photos on film!

Thanks for the fabulous morning ladies!  Ahh Burleigh really has turned into a great place to spend the day.

Photos from: my camera

5 thoughts on “Blogger Date at The Village Markets

  1. Liss

    I love our market dates! maybe we need to do an opshopping on in southport one saturday morning? Its been a while since Ive checked them out.


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