Chocolate Fondue

One of the easiest (and most fun to eat) desserts that I have ever made is chocolate fondue.  I found an unused fondue set in the op shop the other day, so decided to buy some fresh fruit for a simple, and reasonably healthy, dessert.

You could really use any kind of fruit, depending on the season.  In hot weather, it would be amazing to skewer grapes and put them in the freezer, pulling them out just before serving.  Or mango and banana would be an amazing combination.  The possibilities are endless!

To make the chocolate fondue:

1 block of at least 70% cocoa, good quality chocolate

optional: cream – I used a touch of double cream (veggo friendly without gelatin) to loosen up the chocolate and turn it into more of a chocolate ganache.  You could easily just use chocolate but it does harden up a little quickly if it isn’t being heated.

I use the double boiler method to melt chocolate – boil water and find a bowl that fits perfectly over it.  Break the chocolate into small pieces and place them in the bowl, being careful to ensure that no water gets into the chocolate.  Stir frequently (though it should not burn using this method) until all chocolate is melted.

Carefully remove the bowl from the pan of water (it may be hot) and whisk in some cream if desired.  Serve with fruit and skewers for each person.

Photos from: my camera

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