Finders Keepers Markets

I was so happy to discover that our visit to Brisbane was coinciding with the Finders Keepers markets.  Held in the Old Museum, it was a wonderful setting and perfect day to discover talented artists and designers, while catching up with some blogging friends.

The wonderful Liss was busy manning the pretty stall for her online store: Stylemilk.  We managed to squeeze in a quick chat and a couple of pics before the stall was overrun by customers.

I wish I got to take more photos as the stall was decorated beautifully, in the same dreamy aesthetics that we know from Daydream Lily – and there were so many delightful items for sale.

Outside the museum was a lovely little garden party, with live music, food stalls and picnics on the grass.

We also bumped into the fabulous Catherine and had a great catch up, so much so that we did more chatting than shopping!!

Relaxation on the grass and a uno game in the sunshine was a nice break from the crowds (until a green ant got me).

Back into the museum we came across the stall of one of my favourite artists: Lauren Carney.  Her illustrations are so sweet and girly and it was so fun to catch up after initially meeting her and admiring her work at a suitcase rummage almost a year ago.

Her market range has expanded so much over the past year, so it was great to see everything in person and to make the difficult decision of what to purchase.  I came away with a sweet little letter writing set that I had been eye-ing off after seeing it on Lauren’s blog.

Lauren has also recently started selling t-shirts of her illustrations, as modeled here by her boyfriend.

Love it – might have to get Kris one!

Frankie magazine had a sweet little flower stall and now I am wishing that I bought some – nothing quite like a fresh bunch of flowers to brighten up the week!

All in all it was an excellent day and a wonderful market – I highly recommend getting to the next Finders Keepers even just for a browse and to enjoy the atmosphere!


Photos by Kris and from my camera

6 thoughts on “Finders Keepers Markets

  1. Catherine

    Great shots! It was such a fun day, and I’m soooo happy I ran into you guys! I’ll let you know if I make it up to the coast for that meeting this week!

  2. Teresa

    Fantastic photos! It looks like it was another fantastic markets by Finders Keepers. I’m sad I didn’t make it but will hopefully make the next one in November.

  3. sheila

    sounds like you’re having a great time, Jas. i miss you terribly, but don’t yet miss the winter! can’t wait to see you in the spring – we’ll go op-shopping hopefully! keep having fun! love you, mum

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