Canvas at Nobby Beach

After a big week at uni and catching up on study, the boy and I thought we should treat ourselves to a lunch date. A ridiculously late breakfast meant that we actually weren’t at all hungry, so we decided to make a trip to Nobby beach to have a wander and try out a cafe that a friend recommended – Canvas.

What a sweet little place – Canvas is filled with light, bright colours and fabulous artwork and offer all kinds of books and bits and pieces for sale.  Plus, they have ultra friendly staff, do great coffee and have comfy seats where you can waste the afternoon away.

If only we had been a little peckish, the french pastries were oh-so tempting!

We very much enjoy discovering new favourite places (thanks Caitlin!) and would highly recommend stopping in to Canvas if you are down that end of the coast.  We are booked in for a ‘Coffee Appreciation Breakfast’ in a couple weeks – so looking forward to being taught exactly what to taste in coffee!

While wandering the streets we also spotted a big piece by one of my favourite street artists, Shida.

Thanks for taking me on an afternoon date lover!  Photos from: my camera

Canvas – Shop 7/ 21 Lavarack Rd, Nobby Beach, Gold Coast

9 thoughts on “Canvas at Nobby Beach

  1. sheila

    And Nobby’s has some great op shops, as well – and a great 2nd hand bookstore, and a fabulous middle eastern deli!! can’t wait to go to canvas!


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