Coffee Appreciation Breakfast

A breakfast where you drink and talk about coffee and eat french pastries… Yes please!

We didn’t need much convincing by the staff at Canvas to come back and join them for a Coffee Appreciation breakfast, hosted by their awesome coffee roaster, who was more than happy to share all of his knowledge and provide us with a couple of different coffees to taste.

Though I rarely drink filtered coffee, it was very interesting to try to taste some of the more subtle flavours and start to develop our palates and appreciate things that aren’t apparent in a latte or cappuccino.  We were imparted with so much knowledge with regards to the different regions, processing mechanisms as well as the impact of the roasting process.  When you think about it in that respect, there is actually so much that impacts on the final flavour of a coffee, and even if the beans and roast are perfect, something as simple as the temperature of the milk can ruin the entire thing.

Thankfully at Canvas, you don’t need to worry about that, as all of the coffees that we have had there were made very well.  We even bought some beans to see what we could do with them on our home machine.

Some delicious food to break up the coffee tasting.  Ahh the little savoury tarts and the almond croissants were fabulous!

As always we admired the beautiful items for sale… how stunning are these chairs!  Ooo and the cushions!

I was also so excited to see a huge piece by Shida had popped up in the fortnight since we had been there last.  That’s what I love so much about street art, it is just unexpected and changes so frequently.

If you are a coffee lover, be sure to pop into Canvas and ask about their coffee appreciation breakfasts – or become a fan on facebook to see when the next one is scheduled.


Photos from: my camera

Coffee Appreciation Breakfast at Canvas, Nobby Beach


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