Life has been fantastic lately, and I have been inspired by the ‘Making me Happy‘ column on In Spaces Between to put a list out there of things that I am grateful for, just to show the universe that I appreciate all the amazing things and people in my life.


Learning more every day:


I am so thankful for the time we are able to spend in the hospital soaking up knowledge, for the doctors who are super patient and willing to take the time to explain things to us, no matter how basic. For the patients who let us practice on them, who are happy to talk to us and are happy to let us disturb the time that they need to recover. And most of all for my colleagues who are more than happy to share their knowledge and are always there to bail me out when I don’t know the answer.

Time spent with family:

As my mum and little brother have been overseas for so long, it was so great to spend some time with my Nana and catch up with the rest of my family.  I cannot wait until I get some time and the chance to visit them in Melbourne!


Becoming a runner:

Kris and I have started jogging, and despite initially believing that I would never be able to run any decent distance, I have actually been enjoying running the track from Main Beach to the Spit – and seeing my fitness improve every time!

Also loving the runkeeper app to keep track of each jog – it works via GPS on your phone and plays music, interrupting to let you know when you have run 1km.  It is such a big motivator.


My fabulous girlfriends:

Though I don’t get to spend near as much time with them as I would like, every time I catch up with my girlfriends I leave with a smile on my face, having laughed the entire time. Some of the girls I see rarely, but when we do catch up it’s like it was just yesterday. With others the time between catch ups is even longer, but that really just gives us even more to talk about when we do.

From the oldest friends that I have known since primary school, to those who have scattered across the world, to those that have always been there, to those that are more recent friends – I have so much love for all of them, and appreciate each and every minute that I get to spend in their company.


Sunshine-y days:

Waking up to blue skies and sunshine almost every single day puts a big smile on my face. After spending a year in gloomy London I realised how much a bit of sunshine can do for your mood.

Though I don’t always have the time or opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors, I love opening the blinds to enjoy my morning coffee with the sun streaming in.

Other great things:

Good news about my grandma’s health, home made apple crumble, dinners with friends, crazy 21sts, facebook photography challenges, fun weekend plans, ebay purchases, fresh pumpkin ravioli, Topshop coming to Australia, a full social calendar, upcoming holidays, the end of the craziness in England, eggs with two yolks, google +, dress up parties, winter cider.


What are you grateful for lately?  I would love to hear all about it!


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10 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. daydreamlil

    I’ve been reading the posts on In Spaces Between too. Really enjoying her blog. Loved reading your list too. I had an intern treat me when I went to the hospital last weekend for my back and I let her try to get my vein four times . haha (my veins are tiny!). the pain killers helped with my being patient too :) so what am I grateful for: the sunshine!! my family and puppies. just life right now, I am so happy with how everything is going, my blog, work, the shop. I am incredibly lucky. Also happy for good blogging friends that have made life in QLD easier to settle into.

  2. Bunty

    Thank you Jas it was so nice spending time with you don’t do it often enough . Can’t wait for you to come down so I can share some of my memories with you, meaning take some stuff home please. This site is so great I don’t some in often enough will do in future. You are so very special. xxx

    1. jazziefizzle

      Thanks Nana! It was fabulous spending time with you too! I can’t wait to come down and spend some more quality time xxxx


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