Herb Garden Makeover


My little potted herb garden has been slowly expanding, making more and more of our outdoor area cluttered and un-usable.  With the weather warming up, I have been looking forward to making the most of our garden and outdoor setting, and thinking about how I could make it more appealing, as we really have neglected it a bit.

A purchase of some salad plants at the markets this morning forced me to re-think my little garden, and since it was such a beautiful afternoon, and our last day of holidays, I thought it would be a great idea to give the garden a little spruce up and makeover, just in time for Spring.

Just to give you an idea… here is a before photo:



Our little patch of concrete was being taken over, so much so that to sit at the table the legs of the chair would go onto the grass and you would end up off balance.

I started off by showing my herbs a bit of love, getting rid of the weeds and repotting things that have outgrown their homes, followed by giving them a feed and a layer of newspaper to stop the weeds from growing.  Then the organisation started, and I decided to move everything that was in an ugly pot to a new area around the side of the house, leaving only the pretty terracotta pots in full view.

So much better, now all we need is an amazing outdoor setting (or at least some lanterns and candles to make our table more fun):


While driving home I spotted a beat up little wooden stool on the side of the road (it’s junk day in our suburb and we have been having such fun saving items from landfill), that I thought would be perfect as a stand for some plants.


The ugly pots have found a new home around the side of the house where we don’t have to look at them but they can grow and flourish.  I just hope they get enough sunshine.

I am so so happy with how it all looks and am very much looking forward to garden parties and summer days spent relaxing in the hammocks!

Back to reality and uni today… though the holiday wasn’t anywhere near long enough, it was a lot of fun, very productive and relaxing, all at the same time.  Time to get back into the books though.


Photos from: my camera

One thought on “Herb Garden Makeover

  1. Natashia@foodonpaper

    I love this! I’ve been meaning to do the same thing. Ever since I bought a basil plant and have watched it grow on my kitchen counter, I have thought about making a special area in my garden to grow lots of veges and herbs.


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