Junk Day

Ok… I will admit it… I am actually a hoarder.  I love and am addicted to bargains and second hand furniture, and cannot stop buying things from op shops.  So much so that I have had a break from op shopping recently just to curb the buying habit!

So to say I was a little excited when we got a flyer in the post about junk day was a bit of an understatement.  I cannot believe some of the things people put out in the street to be dumped as landfill, particularly when our local op shops would love some of these items.

Granted, a majority of the stuff on the side of the road are broken old tvs, pedestal fans and plastic outdoor furniture, but when we were driving home I spotted a neighbour putting a retro looking side table out on the kerb.  Of course, I had to go and take a look, and to my delight it was in perfect condition, so home it came for a little revamp.

Within an hour of having it inside the first coat of paint was on, and while the faded wood covering was being transformed to white, I envisaged the neighbour changing their mind about the fabulous table and coming to knock on our door to reclaim it, only to find that it was already painted!


With such success in the afternoon, we decided to drive the surrounding streets at nightfall to see if there were any other treasures we could rescue from the dump.  It was too much fun and a bit of an adrenaline rush jumping out of the car and inspecting pieces of furniture, only to have dogs bark at me, discover that things were badly damaged or find the perfect wooden chairs that would never fit in the back of our car.  Next time we need to take a ute!

The funniest part was that there were other people doing the same thing, and when we would see them Kris would get annoyed, like they weren’t allowed to be doing it! Haha… pretty sure we weren’t the first people to have that idea.

Though there was nothing quite as amazing as the table I got earlier, we scored a little table and chair to go outside, and a massive orange vintage suitcase – that I have no idea what to do with.  Any ideas?

I am a huge fan of recycling and am so happy that we prevented a few things going into the rubbish tip.  Please people, if you have good things that you don’t want anymore – donate them to an op shop.  Not only will you be getting rid of something you don’t want, you will also be helping a charity, preventing waste and landfill and giving your item another chance at life.  Remember – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Photos from: my camera.

Pictures from: Daughter and Lauren Carney

6 thoughts on “Junk Day

  1. Steve

    If people have stuff they want to get rid of it but avoid landfill and think that might be useful to someone, check out freecycle in your area.

  2. Sheila Davis

    hey sweetie, that’s so cute – a great table and a great idea for a reality tv show – dumpster diving and roadside recycling! love you!1

  3. liss

    this table is amazing, what a find!! ahh I love hard rubbish days. what sort of paint to you use? I have an old set of draws from the opshop that I think could look good with a coat of white paint.

    1. jazziefizzle Post author

      Thanks Liss!!! I just went to bunnings and asked the guy what he recommended, so I use 2 coats of primer and then 2 coats of the top coat, it is a semi-gloss paint so not too glossy but not matte either. I can let you know the brand if you need but the guys at Bunnings tend to know what they are talking about!


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