Graffiti Lane in Melbourne

Wandering around Melbourne after dinner with my family, we came across a lane-way notorious for being covered in street art.  There were some pretty amazing pieces obviously completed by very talented people.

It very much reminded me of our visits to Waterloo tunnel in London, where it is practically accepted that there will be fresh graff every day.

As usual, I was excited to come across some massive pieces by one of my favourite artists, Shida.

There was a little bit of excitement when the cops pulled up and jumped out of their car, and a bunch of hooded youths scattered from the alleyway.

We went for a bit of an explore and the smell of spraypaint was fresh in the air, so we could only assume that some of the tags were more recent than others.


We could only guess why artists seemed to favour one wall more than the other…




Very much looking forward to spending days exploring with Kris when we get back down there.

Photos from: my camera

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