Welcome to Mildura

Of all the things that I have planned for my summer holidays, I have been very excited for my 2 week rural placement in Mildura.


I have grown up on the Gold Coast and since then have been a city girl, loving, living and visiting cities in Australia and across the world. Aside from one brief visit to Roma for the races, I have barely been west from Brisbane, so I might seem like an unlikely candidate for a rural scholarship.

But it is for that very reason that I was initially interested in the John Flynn Placement Program, and that is exactly what I wrote on my application… so they must have also believed that I need to experience the country for myself before I am able to decide if I would consider working in a rural community in the future.


Arriving by light plane, from the air there are grape crops as far as the eye can see.  Walking into town from my accomodation (and on the tail end of a flu) almost killed me it was so hot and dry, but the place is so pretty that all was quickly forgiven as I sat by the banks of the Murray River, watching kids jump into the murky water.

The wide array of shops and restaurants is surprising, and I have already found drinkable coffee without even looking. The region is known for its grape and fruit crops and wandering you can’t help to notice that every garden is covered in beautiful flowers.


Placement wise, I have spent a day with a GP and nurses in one of the town medical clinics, seeing what goes on day-to-day.

Already I have seen so much cool and interesting stuff, and have even assisted the doctors and nurses in minor procedures, and it is only day one.  It is so exciting to see in practice many of the things that we have learned this year (and a whole bunch that we have yet to learn)


The boy is in Tamworth, and we are meeting for a debrief, holiday and some city time in Melbourne for a few weeks after.  It is the longest (by far) that we have ever been apart in our 4 year relationship…  Thankfully we have skype right?!

Plenty more to come… Wish me luck ;)

Photos from: my phone

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Mildura

  1. jazziefizzle Post author

    Thanks! Now I just need to brave the heat while carrying my camera… Maybe that is a job for the weekend!

  2. Bunty

    Sounds fantastic Jas. It’s great to hear that you are enjoying this time in Mildura. I know you will be eating lot’s of oranges there. Missing you but looking forward to hearing all about your time there when you come back to Melbourne. xxx.

  3. liss

    Im so excited that you went to my part of the world, where I grew up and probably the last 5 generations of my family lived. We grew up swiming in those rives, and going to school with all the italian kids who had big weekend salami and bolognaise making days. youd visit the italian families and be feed so much!!!
    I grew up a country girl never even imagining I would end up a city girl.

    but those days are so long ago, I forget I came from a town of only 7000 people

    1. jazziefizzle Post author

      It was so great to spend some time out there Liss! haha, I bet you got fed very well by the Italian families – I feel like I haven’t stopped eating in weeks, and now in Melbourne I certainly don’t have a chance of stopping!

      Ah there are such great things about both the country and the city – I am a city girl and never imagined that I would even consider moving rural but after spending some time out there I am starting to see advantages of both!


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