Up-cycled Strawberry Planter

Ever since my first strawberry, my little strawberry plants have been going crazy in a tiny pot, begging to be replanted.

Finally when holidays came, I had time for a little project that has been waiting to be done for ages, fixing up an old wooden box that I found on junk day – which is the perfect size for a strawberry patch.

After a trip to bunnings and some sawing and hammering by the boy, the planter was ready to go.

The poor little strawberry plants were so cramped into their original pot that the roots came out still shaped like the pot.

Some fresh soil, space and a good water left the little plants looking happier than ever… I wonder if they will withstand some neglect while we go on holidays.

Have you got anything growing successfully in pots?  My herbs have been going fabulously but I am struggling with anything more than cherry tomatoes.


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