Christmas Cheer

Call me a Scrooge, but I’m not really into Christmas.

Yes… I said it… Christmas does not excite me like it does most people.  I absolutely despise Christmas carols (particularly in the grocery store), cannot stand going anywhere near the shops in December and really am not too fussed about presents.

Of course I love a good excuse to catch up with friends and family and eat too much, but really – why should that be left to a single day of the year?

In saying that, our house is looking rather bare at the moment furniture wise while we wait for our new couch to be delivered, so I thought it might be a cute idea to get a Christmas tree.

As I am far from traditional, I decided to avoid plastic trees and garish ornaments and DIY-ed my own.

While on our morning jog (have I mentioned how lucky we are to live where we do – jogging along the beach is amazing!) I kept spotting mangled trees with bare branches that were exactly as I had envisaged, so I bullied my wonderful boyfriend into carrying one back to the car for me.  Propped up in a vintage saucepan I got from the op shop, it looked great but was still a little bare.

I was keeping an eye out for some simple ornaments while shopping in Bunnings, and when I passed by the paint section I remembered an idea I saw on Pinterest – cutting shapes out of paint chips (you know the ones you take when you are sampling colours) to create a garland.  There is a tutorial online, but if, like me, you don’t have a heart shaped punch – just freehand cut your shape.

Rather than bothering with a needle and thread, I sticky taped my hearts onto a piece of natural twine, which added to the rustic feel I was going for.

I collected some spiky grass ball things while out on our jog as I thought they looked rather Christmas-y so carried those back to the car too.  Trust me, it is not easy to jog while trying not to crush spiky grass balls!

Have you made your own decorations/tree/gift wrapping this year?  If so I would love to hear all about it!

If you need some additional decoration inspiration, see this post on In Spaces Between where Rach has collated amazing pics from the interwebs.


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7 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Tara @ suchdifferentskies

    Jaz, I absolutely love what you’ve done here! With simplicity comes warmth :) I’ve got to agree with you too, I’ve never been much into Christmas either, particularly the carols and presents… but the FOOD. Any excuse is a good one, especially if we can snatch a few days off to share it with our favourites.
    The tree looks gorgeous!

  2. liss

    I completely agree with the carols. argh they hurt my ears. I more love this time or year than Christmas itself. Warm summer days, daylight savings (no this last few years), bbqs with friends and family, holidays. time to relax and read books.

  3. Steve

    Sorry Jas, my fault you don’t get into cristmas :o)

    The spinifex balls are cool aren’t they? We have 3 hanging from the ceiling with invisible nylon thread, they look like stars floating in the air.

  4. Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea

    Love the simplicity and eco-friendliness of your tree! I confess I am a complete sucker for Christmas but agree with Liss that it might be because of the warm weather, holidays & having extra time to catch up with family + friends.
    jas xx

  5. Natashia@foodonpaper

    Haha I do the same! I’ve got a bunch of fairy light twigs in a large glass vase as my tree, with a couple of red decorations hanging off them. I really don’t like the fake green trees and have never really caught on with Christmas, but I like having “something” festive in my house :)

    1. jazziefizzle Post author

      Yes we will have a fabulous day, as long as we don’t have to listen to Christmas carols I will be happy!


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