Historical Melbourne

Aside from the food, and the fact that my wonderful extended family lives here – one of the greatest things about Melbourne are the old buildings.  It is such a contrast to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, both of which have very little in the way of history.

It is so easy to walk past and miss some amazing buildings that are used for shops on ground floor, so I have been doing the typical tourist thing and looking up while walking.

 Of course you can’t forget Luna Park, which will be 100 years old next year.

The Brighton bathing houses may have been updated with pretty paint jobs, but they are also an amazing part of the history of the area.  They are just so cute placed all along the beach!

We have been having an absolute ball, the weather this week has been perfection – but we are bracing ourselves for more rain over the weekend.  Ah Melbourne, I certainly wouldn’t move here for the weather but thankfully there many other things that attract me to this city.


Photos from: my camera

2 thoughts on “Historical Melbourne

  1. Catherine @ The Spring

    Jas, your photos always look awesome, and those little painted beach huts may be just about the happiest things I’ve ever seen!

    Catherine x

    p.s. Waiting for Redback Trading Co to get back to me about how they want you to redeem your gift – but don’t worry – I’m ON IT!

  2. jazziefizzle Post author

    Thanks Catherine! Aren’t they so sweet! I wish I had one to visit on sunny days! No worries I am in no rush, still not back home yet anyway :)


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