Monday Munchies – Paco’s Tacos, Melbourne

On our first day exploring this fabulous city, we knew we would need to plan food stops along the way. Both to keep up our energy levels and to slowly work our way through the massive list of places that we have been recommended to eat.

Since we are fiends for casual, easy and mexican food, Paco’s Tacos was at the top of the list of places to try.

Nestled on the first floor of an office building, overlooking the Supreme Court, this recent addition to the city lunch scene is worthy of its reputation.


We snagged a table and ordered some veggo tacos, and couldn’t go past the BBQ’d corn.  It was perfectly charred, the juicy kernels coated with a smoke infused mayonnaise, topped with a generous sprinkling of cheese.  My only critique is that it is nearly impossible to eat corn elegantly!





The black bean filled veggo tacos were delicious – albeit a little small, they definitely kept us wanting more! Full of fresh salads, creamy guacamole and finished off with some sprigs of coriander and a squeeze of lime, they were perfect for a small lunch (for a substantial meal you would need around 3-4).

Despite being overrun with business people (granted it was a Monday), the atmosphere and setting was great, super casual – but I imagine would be a great place for an easy friday night dinner, served up with a jug of sangria!


Photos from: my camera

Paco’s Tacos – Level 1, 500 Bourke St (can access from Little Bourke), Melbourne CBD


5 thoughts on “Monday Munchies – Paco’s Tacos, Melbourne

  1. Teresa

    Looks delicious! I can’t remember if this is the place Greg and I tried to have dinner at one night but the line and wait was so long we went elsewhere. I love Mexican food and will definitely look this place up next time I’m there.

    1. jazziefizzle Post author

      Ah I don’t think that is this place – you might be talking about mamacita? We were recommended to go but apparently you can wait up to 2 hours?!? Craziness! Another place worth going is Trippy Taco in Fitzroy – all veggo, cheap and cheerful!


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