Monday Munchies – Epic PB&J bagel

Upon a few recommendations, we sought out Manchester Press on Rankins Lane in Melbourne CBD for a spot of coffee and a snack.

The coffee was probably the best we have had in Melbourne (and that is certainly saying something) and while perusing their food menu the ‘Epic peanut butter and jam bagel’ caught my eye.

Unfortunately, after a busy morning, they were sold out – so we settled with a raisin bagel with jam and ricotta, a perfect accompaniment to our coffees while sheltering from the rain and cold.

I could not get the flavour combination off my mind, so made sure we had the ingredients on hand to recreate the epic pb&j bagel at home.

How can you improve on the classic combination of peanut butter and jam?  First, make sure that you are using good quality ingredients – I use a natural (no sugar or salt added) peanut butter and a fancy, full of fruit jam.

Second, is your choice of bread – of course, being in Melbourne you cannot go past a bagel from Aviv bakery.

Third, fresh fruit – top the PB&J with sliced banana and strawberries, which add an incredible freshness and even let you pretend that it is a slightly healthy breakfast choice.

This is super filling and satisfies any naughty breakfast cravings… but enjoy in moderation!

Photos from: my camera

Inspired by: Manchester Press, Rankins Lane, Melbourne



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