Brisbane and Gold Coast Blogger Meet Up

Last week I had the pleasure of heading along to Stingray to meet up with some lovely Gold Coast and Brisbane based bloggers.

Organised by the lovely Rach and Jas & Claire, the meet up was an opportunity to catch up with some local ladies, put faces to names and finally meet some ‘internet friends’ in real life.  I promise, it was no where near as nerdy as it sounds!

With Claire and Jas from Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea

With Rach from In Spaces Between

I dragged Kris along as my personal photographer, but I think he enjoyed being the ‘token guy’ and chatting to the girls a little too much (and was having a few technical difficulties with his camera) so we only have a few photos to share.

Liss from Daydream Lily and Ally from Unknown Pleasures

With Catherine from The Spring and Jo from August Empress

It was such a fantastic night and really highlighted all the things that I love about blogging, and it was so inspirational meeting the amazing ladies that are out there creating their own little space online while juggling blog commitments with their ‘real’ lives.

I am already looking forward to the next catch up!  If you are interested in coming along to the next one, join the facebook page to stay up to date with what the ladies are planning.


Thanks to Stingray for having us and to the girls for organising!

Photos by: Kris Blucher

2 thoughts on “Brisbane and Gold Coast Blogger Meet Up

  1. jazziefizzle Post author

    yeah no worries that would be more than ok!! Unfortunately I don’t have them on my laptop so can’t upload them but feel free to grab them off my site or I will upload them at home :)


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