Starting out Sewing

I have always wanted to learn how to sew.  On trips to the op shop I tend to return with items that are perfect, except that they are just a little too big, or could use the hem shortened – and as much as I have good intentions of hand-sewing alterations, they sit in my cupboard unworn until the next closet clean out when they are donated back to charity.


After lusting after some fabulous yet expensive cushions online, I headed to spotlight and bought some fabric, cushion inserts and thread, with no real plan in mind but to somehow make some cushions.  That was when Kris hesitantly decided to ‘ruin the surprise’ and tell me what he was planning to buy me for my upcoming birthday: a sewing machine.

We umm-ed and ahh-ed and gushed over the limited edition Singer (that is oh so beautiful), but ended up going the more practical route and buying a machine that was on special for half the price (and had all the same features, just not the looks).

As much as I wanted to get straight into it – it took me a while to remember my basics from grade 9 home ec (eg. that you need to draw the bobbin thread up rather than just sewing straight away), but before long I was ready to start on a proper project.

But first… of course I had to test some of the ‘decorative’ stitches – not sure when I will use these (if ever) but they are super fun to play around with.

I found a simple cushion cover tutorial that also provided an easy way to insert a zipper. The most difficult part was all the measuring and trying to cut in a straight line!

Within a few hours my first cushion was completed, and since then I have sewn another 8 for various locations around our house.

Before we are completely taken over by cushions, I thought I should move onto another project, so bought a pattern for a dress.  Because really, can I say that I can actually sew if I have only ever made cushions??

After unfolding it, reading the instructions and ironing the pattern flat I needed a break, so will have to update you on my progress with that later. Looking forward to getting another goal crossed off ‘the list’ though!

In an instance of fantastic timing, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has started a series of sewing tutorials that I imagine will prove quite handy as I try to expand my repertoire.  Have any of you got ideas for simple sewing projects that might be feasible for a beginner like me?

Thanks for the fabulous present lover – you are the best!!

Photos by: Kris

One thought on “Starting out Sewing

  1. Natashia@foodonpaper

    I have quite a history with sewing. I did textiles for my final year of art at school so have had a sewing machine for over 10 years. I’m also very short so have to take up all my jeans and pants, and recently, maxi skirt…. My next project is sewing a floaty floral maxi skirt – I’ve bought the fabric and zip, just need to find the time! :)


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