Monday Munchies – Green Smoothie Success

For ages I have been meaning to try a green smoothie as a healthier alternative to a dairy based banana or berry one, mostly to try to increase my intake of leafy greens.

Recent blood tests showed that I am quite iron deficient (which is not surprising considering I have been veggo my whole life ), so as well as a supplement, I am making a big effort to eat greens every single day.

My first attempt at a green smoothie was an absolute failure. My fruit to green ratio was off, the texture was no good and I’m pretty sure using a spinach and rocket mixture was the fatal flaw!

A few twitter friends encouraged me to try again, so I re-read The Wellness Warrior’s Green Smoothie Guide to see what I had done wrong before having another attempt.  I figure if I start off gradually with more fruit and juice, I can slowly wean onto having a majority of greens with less fruit, while I get used to the taste.

For a beginner, I can definitely recommend the following combination – if it wasn’t for the colour you would never know that it was full of spinach!

1 pear, sliced off the core
1-2 kiwi fruit, peeled
Half a bunch of english spinach, washed
Some kind of juice (I used V8 fruit and veggie ‘smoothie’ which is made from the juice of peaches, apples, sweet potato, pear, mango, lemon & carrots, but if you have a juicer you could make your own)
A handful of ice

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and whizz until smooth. Put into a glass with a bit of extra ice and enjoy!

Photos from: my camera

3 thoughts on “Monday Munchies – Green Smoothie Success

  1. Sheila Davis

    I don’t know – i have a hard time getting past the colour – but i’ll try again. Greens are good for acid/alkaline balance!!

    1. jazziefizzle Post author

      Haha yes I have made the mistake of adding berries which changes the colour drastically! Yes I am definitely keen to try kale, will buy it on my next shop!


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