Monday Munchies – Muesli & Berry Yoghurt Cups

Making a crowd-pleasing reasonably healthy breakfast/morning tea for our colleagues has been one of our cooking challenges this year, but we figured that something easy to eat and individually portioned usually works best to ensure we have taken enough food without any excessive waste.

Kris decided that for his group he would make a muesli, yoghurt and berry ‘parfait’, layering home toasted muesli (that he made himself), greek yoghurt with passionfruit and mixed berries (thawed from frozen).  Any kind of fruit would work perfectly and you could even use store bought muesli to make life easier.

Muesli & Berry Yoghurt Cups:

Disposable cups or dessert glasses

Fruit (in season or from frozen) – we used frozen mixed berries



  1. Lay out cups/glasses for the required number of servings.
  2. Add a layer of muesli to the bottom of each cup, using no more than half of the quantity you have.
  3. Layer yoghurt and fruit, again reserving a large quantity for the top layers.
  4. Repeat and continue layering until you have reached the top of the cup.
  5. Finish with yoghurt and top with fruit and crushed nuts or shredded coconut if desired.

Even if you don’t have to cater for numerous people, this would make a fab breakfast in bed or breakfast on the go!

Photos from: my camera

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