Monday Munchies – Rainbow Fruit Skewers

While thinking of healthy breakfast time snacks to feed my colleagues during a long tutorial, I couldn’t go past rainbow fruit skewers as a fun and easy way to present a fruit salad.

After pinning a couple of different versions to my ‘food food food’ board on pinterest, and a friend seeing the idea and bringing them to a picnic, I finally decided to make my own version.

This really doesn’t need a recipe, just buy whichever fruit is in season and skewer in rainbow colour order.  Strawberries were super expensive so I decided to leave them out, but of course it depends on your location and time of year.

I prepared these the evening prior and kept them in a container overnight in the fridge, and they were just as good the next day so are certainly something that can be done ahead of time if you are entertaining.  Such a good healthy summer time snack!


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