Coffee Adventures: Commune

Though we spend each and every day together and are now living alone, Kris and I have noticed that we are often preoccupied with other things on our mind, which is completely understandable with our current study commitments.

In an attempt to be more ‘present’ and enjoy some ‘quality’ time together, we have decided to start a combined project that will allow us to explore more of our surroundings.

Introducing: Coffee Adventures!

This post is the first of the series, where we will be having a coffee date and sharing our thoughts and photos from cafes along the Gold Coast. I will preface any reviews by saying that we are pretty biased and can be difficult to impress, but also that we won’t go out of our way to be overly negative.  We think that our home coffees are some of the best that you can get on the Coast, which is why we rarely venture out for coffee.

So… we are preparing to step out of our comfortable little home in the spirit of broadening our horizons and discovering new favourite places, while enjoying some time and energy spent towards a common goal.

First up on our coffee adventures was one of our fave little hidden gems – Commune.  If you didn’t know Commune was there you would likely drive straight past it.  Nestled in a cute little row of vintage boutiques on the lower Gold Coast Hwy it is almost hidden from view, yet the battle for a table on the weekends shows that it is certainly well known with the locals.

There was however very little competition on our rainy Monday morning breakfast date (the joys of student life), so we plonked ourselves on a vintage couch out front and perused the menu, delighted to find out that it was ‘Meatless Monday’ – which served our veggo purposes perfectly!

We settled into the comfy couch to watch the day go by, and started off with a fresh squeezed carrot, watermelon and pineapple juice, which had all the health benefits of a veggie juice combined with enough fruit to balance it out with sweetness.

Coffee wise, Commune start off incredibly well with top quality beans: Campos superior blend.  Though it was reasonably nice and definitely drinkable, we are still hunting for somewhere that makes a better coffee than we do at home.

The food was simple, reasonable quantity for the price, however neither of us were particularly blown away by our order, despite it looking good on paper.

It is the atmosphere and the pleasant environment at Commune that will keep us coming back again, and we certainly recommend it as a great place to stop for an awesome juice, decent coffee and a snack, especially if you can combine a visit with a spot of shopping at The Village Markets or the local vintage stores.

Have I mentioned how much I love small fluffy puppies?  This little cutie lives at the vintage boutique just next door.

We hope you enjoyed coming along on the first Coffee Adventure.  Let us know if you know of any ‘hidden secrets’ on the Coast that we should explore!


Photos by Kris and from my camera

2 thoughts on “Coffee Adventures: Commune

  1. Steve

    If this gets too popular, you might have to start going in disguise so the owners don’t pamper you :o)

  2. Sheila Davis

    I like Cino’s on Swan Lane in Mudgeeraba – you might try it one day when you’re on your way for a visit! (hint, hint!)


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