Monday Munchies – Carrot Cake Pancakes

Since we are on uni holidays, I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a bit of a diet overhaul and focus on eating much more salad and drinking plenty of veggie juice, in between reading medico-legal articles, writing assignments and savouring the last bits of warm weather with breaks to swim in the ocean.

It is an amazing time of year where we live, blue skies and sunshine-y days, yet the nights are starting to get a nice crispness about them and the breeze through our bedroom window is the perfect temperature.

20120409-104631.jpg  20120409-104621.jpgAlong with consuming ridiculous amounts of juice, I feel like I am wasting so much in the pulp (and there is only so much carrot pulp hummus we can eat) so I went in search of another recipe to use some of the waste.

Enter carrot cake pancakes… Though the original recipe has called for grated carrot rather than carrot pulp, I thought these would be a fabulous easter breakfast so set about altering the recipe a little by adding wholemeal instead of plain flour and replacing the cream cheese topping with natural yoghurt and maple syrup. Sure these aren’t the epitome of health, but I felt good about getting some veggies into us at breakfast time.

20120409-104546.jpg  20120409-104602.jpg

The consistency wasn’t quite the same as normal pancakes, they were more moist and dense than fluffy, but overall they certainly are something I would make again and would recommend for a twist on a usual pancake breakfast.


Recipe from Smitten Kitchen

Photos from: my ipad – there is something just so convenient about having it laying around, taking a photo, editing and uploading straight to my blog, rather than plugging my camera in and importing the photos etc, so apologies in advance but there will probably be more posts with crappy photos –  haha.

Did you do anything special for your easter breakfast? (and no, eating chocolate for breakfast doesn’t count!)


PS. Please tell me if you notice I am turning a shade of orange, I have been eating so many carrots lately it is not funny!

2 thoughts on “Monday Munchies – Carrot Cake Pancakes

  1. jazziefizzle Post author


    ooh I would love to try carrot pulp felafels… did you use a recipe or just make it up??


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