Coffee Adventures: Elk Espresso, Broadbeach

With the miserable weather we had last weekend, our plans for an outdoor celebration for a friend’s birthday were cancelled, but we were delighted to be invited to brunch at Elk instead. Elk espresso, in Broadbeach, has long been one of our favourite cafes on the Gold Coast.

Within a stones throw of the beach and outside of the craziness of the main strip, Elk is a favourite with the locals. Great coffee, fabulous food and above all an inviting atmosphere make Elk a place we will keep coming back to.

Despite the fact that we had a table of 10, the service was fantastic, the people were friendly and it was a warm and cozy spot to shelter away from the wild weather.

After seeing a picture on a friend’s Facebook, I couldn’t go past the spring tasting plate – even though the weather was more reminiscent of autumn.

The combination of fresh fruit, toasted granola and yoghurt with honeycomb was the healthy start I needed, and left me surprisingly full.

Kris decided on the smashed avocado and feta with poached eggs and corn salsa, which was, and I quote:

“In one word… ‘Amazing'”

“In more than one word… ‘The coffee was smooth and would appeal to most drinkers.  The food is well priced and deeee-licious.  It is presented beautifully, has generous servings and perfect flavour combinations'”

Thankfully the rain held off enough (only just) for us to catch the end of The Village Markets in Burleigh.  Before everything packed up we had a giggle at some of the 80’s prom dresses on offer and I picked up a super cute floral vest from the jumble stall held by Marissa and Sarah, the wonderful ladies who are the brains behind TVM and have worked so hard bringing it from nothing to what it is today.

Before we left, we couldn’t go past a treat from ‘The Wicked Waffle’.  We just had to revisit the flavours of one of our favourite treats from the Netherlands, stroopwafels.  It has been a few years but we thought it was even more delicious than we remember the original one being!

Unfortunately we had a terrible cafe experience on our anniversary last Friday, but the fantastic time/service/coffee/food we had at Elk completely made up for it!  The only thing is that we ended up kicking ourselves for not going straight to our trusted Elk instead of trying somewhere else (that will not be mentioned).

Elk is the perfect place to chill out and feel like you are visiting the home of a trendy friend, while admiring their awesome mural, vintage inspired table settings, and mismatched cups and taking your time over one of their fabulous breakfasts.  Plenty of veggo options too, which keeps us very happy!


Elk Espresso:

Sixteen Chelsea Avenue, Broadbeach (across from the soccer club)

Gold Coast, Australia


Photos from:  my camera

4 thoughts on “Coffee Adventures: Elk Espresso, Broadbeach

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  2. Liss

    I love Elk, I like the industrial type feel of the space too. Its been way to busy the last few times I’ve been though. All my favourite places end up so busy :( like Govindas in Burliegh, you have to line up for 30mins to get dinner. ps. that waffle looks yum too…will get one next time I stop in at TVM

  3. jazziefizzle Post author

    Ahh the joys of the coast Liss, so few cool places, so many people wanting to try them! Cardamon pod in Broadbeach is similar to Govindas but a bit bigger, I wonder if it gets as busy??


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