Monday Munchies – Veggie Tikka Masala with Naan

One of the most challenging things to cook, I think, is an authentic tasting Indian curry.  Having never been to India, I have no idea if what I think is authentic actually is authentic, but I know that I have tried many times to replicate the flavours of our local Indian takeaway, failing every time.

Kris is now the primary Indian cook in our household.  With the help of Curry Traders spice packs, he has been whipping up an amazing tasting curry, and has conquered the beast that I have battled with for so long.

These little packs are made locally, on the Gold Coast, and available for purchase online – though I have seen them sold in local cafes and in Mrs Flannery’s.  For the amount of spices I would say they are a little expensive, but the convenience and guarantee of amazing flavour is well worth the cost.

The instructions are easy to follow, though there is a bit of work to be done, with a bit of pounding in the mortar and pestle, and transferring the whole lot to a blender.  If we are thinking purely of convenience, there is nothing like just opening a jar, but really the flavour is worth the extra time and effort.

Because Kris has been so eager to cook and had been battling with our old mortar and pestle, we headed down to Wheel and Barrow to pick up a new one, and as you can see, she is a beauty!

Do any of you know what that bright red spice is?  It is such a great colour?

Unfortunately only the Korma is ‘designed’ to be made vegetarian, however we have now altered the Rogan Josh and the Tikka Masala to suit our dietary requirements, adding sweet potato, pumpkin, peas and green beans instead of meat/chicken, with excellent results!

Of course I couldn’t just relax and stay out of the kitchen, so I got in there and made rice and some naan bread.   I used to struggle to make decent naan too, and thought it was impossible to reproduce at home, until dad gave me a tip about cooking it in a cast iron pan with a bit of ghee.

I found a yeast free recipe online that has given me great results, both with white and wholemeal flour. I would love to ‘health-i-fy’ these up somehow as I am trying to cut out a bit of refined flour – if you ever see a healthy naan recipe, please point me in its direction!

Ah well for a treat I figure at least I am making them at home so I know what I am putting into them, and they are honestly 10 times better than the ones you can get in a packet from the grocery store.

I know this probably sounds like an advertising feature (it is not, and I have no affiliation with curry traders) but we just love these packs so much – it is well worth picking one up to give it a go if you ever come across them.

Until we are brave enough and organised enough to choose a recipe and go to the spice store to really make our own curry from scratch, we will be sticking with Curry Traders.  Have you got any go-to curry recipes that always give you good results?  If so, please do share!

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