Winter Salad – Asian Style Wild Rice Salad

Despite cravings for hot soup with crusty bread and rich filling foods to warm up evenings that have become chilly, I atom still aiming to eat healthily, even over winter. In order to achieve that, I need to ensure that I have sufficient inspiration for winter style salads, since the usual salad leaves plus extras just aren’t as satisfying as they are during hot weather.

I bought some wild rice a while ago with all intentions of finding an appropriate recipe, but it has sat in the pantry, unloved, until yesterday when I came across this fabulous recipe by Sprouted Kitchen for an Asian style wild rice salad.

I had a bag of frozen edamame but unfortunately no miso (which I’m sure would have ramped up the flavour if the dressing), so made do with what we had, making the addition of some sliced red capsicum and a squeeze of lemon juice in addition to the recipe.

Since Kris got a new macro lens for his birthday, I roped him into taking some pics for me while I finished up our lunch, so enjoy the details in these photos (and full credit goes to Kris, where it is due).

This salad was super filling and a bowl of it kept me going until dinner, despite a massive jog in between. It was also great left over and held up after a night in the fridge despite being dressed (and that is my kind of salad).

I have gathered a few salad recipes for inspiration:

Tri-colour slaw with lime dressing

Warm pumpkin and goat’s cheese salad

Vegetable tagine salad

Wild rice, butter bean and garlic roasted carrot salad

Shaved root vegetable salad

Quinoa and spring vegetable pilaf

Zucchini ribbon salad

Do you have any winter favourite salads? Let me know in the comments if you have any that you are willing to share!

Photos by: Kris Blucher

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