Monday Munchies – Vegan Mother’s Day Brunch

I know this post is a little delayed since Mother’s day was around a month ago, but I thought it would be fun to share the brunch we made for Mum this year.

As Mum has recently switched from vegetarian to (mostly) vegan, coming up with a tasty brunch menu was a challenge at first – as I had to move away from the idea of eggs and dairy, while trying to stay away from too much bread and pastries.

After a little thought I realised that there were a few things I already had in my repertoire that were vegan or could be easily tweaked by removing eggs etc, making cooking a breeze.

We started off with Mum’s fruit salad, made with a variety of seasonal fruits purchased from the organic farmers markets.  A massive veggie juice and some gluten free banana pancakes got the morning started, and although we were all pretty satisfied by this point, there was more food to come.

Out of the oven came homemade baked beans and roasted mushrooms, stuffed with grated zucchini, thyme, garlic and lemon juice. I used the same baked bean recipe that I usually top with eggs for my baked eggs, but it didn’t feel at all like it was missing anything as a bean dish.

Sorry, was too caught up in eating to take any more photos.

It ended up continuing from brunch into lunch and was a fabulous chance to spend the day laughing and chatting with my parents outside in the sunshine, before the winter weather came along.

If you have someone with dietary requirements coming for a meal don’t feel overwhelmed – there are so many fabulous resources online and recipes to suit all needs, and if you are completely stuck, ask if they would bring a dish too – They will likely be keen to share some tasty food that you might enjoy too!

Photos from: my camera

Banana pancake recipe from My New Roots 

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