Bloggers Breakfast with The Village Markets

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of sharing a breakfast date at Commune with some of the loveliest and most talented Gold Coast bloggers, followed by a spot of shopping at The Village Markets.  

Marissa surrounded by pretty flowers

Liss & Ally

Though we tend to stay in touch via facebook/instagram/twitter/email, it has been some time since our last meet up – so it was fabulous spending a morning catching up with some online friends in real life.

Rach, Sophie & Lori

Thank you so much to our generous hosts Marissa and Sarah for gathering us together, providing a wonderful breakfast and a bag of goodies from The Village Markets.

They know me too well!

We had such fun being silly with our photo props that were also in our goodie bags – Big red lips, fake moustaches and glasses for the win!

Lori, Sophie, Sammi & Jess

Liss & Ally grew moustaches!

Heading off to the markets we had a browse in typical blogger style, chatting and taking photos meant that everything took double the time it takes anyone else – haha.

Though breakfast had barely settled, I couldn’t go past the dumpling stall without trying some of their veggo offerings.

I was so excited to see that there were 3 different vegetarian dumplings (just a little food obsessed), but the sweet potato one stood out as the winner!  The frozen yoghurt stand was also tempting, but seemed better suited for a day when the sun was shining.

Liss trying out the fro-yo

It was so fabulous spending the morning with such talented ladies – if you aren’t familiar with their blogs be sure to go and check them out:

Liss – Daydream Lily

Ally – The Unknown Pleasures & Who Killed Bambi 

Rach – In Spaces Between

Sophie – Peppa Hart

Lori – Eight.Ten.Ten

Sammi – Chase Dakota

Jess – Konstantinos

Carly – Mumma Electric


Photos from:   my camera



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