Coffee Adventures: Dramanti, Wynnum

On the first day of our week long holidays, Kris had to take a drive to get some of his photography gear repaired, and since the sun was shining I decided to tag along to keep him company and have a bit of a day trip at the same time.

I have very little experience with East Brisbane, having only been to the very East on the way to Stradbroke Island, so a trip to Manly was a whole new experience.

We started leisurely stroll along the bay, enjoying the crisp day and winter sunshine, stopping to watch a remote control sail boat race go by.

After we had worked up a bit of caffeine hunger, Kris jumped on beanhunter (this app is a must for coffee snobs like us) and found a highly rated cafe in nearby Wynnum.

After driving past the address to find an Eagle Boys where google maps said the place would be, we almost gave up looking – but boy were we glad that we did a couple of u-turns and persisted.

Dramanti Artisian Roaster is immediately next to Wynnum station, and despite the location it looks more like something you would see in Melbourne.  Barely visible from the street-front, once inside you could be anywhere in the world.

As we nestled into the cosy seating, our coffee arrived and upon first glance I was impressed. Cute colourful crockery gets me every time, and it looked like my milk was perfectly textured.

The coffee was smooth and the cappuccino was made just how it should be, at an ideal temperature for drinking.

We were so impressed that we bought a bag of beans, roasted on site, to try out on our home machine.  Kris blogged about how much we loved them after trying one of their single origins out at home.

If Dramanti was a little closer we would certainly be regulars, however the distance means that it will be a rare treat if we get to return.  Hopefully we can find their beans somewhere closer to home!


Dramanti Artisian Roaster – Roasting Centre and Espresso Bar

94 Tingal Road, Wynnum




One thought on “Coffee Adventures: Dramanti, Wynnum

  1. Kylie

    They are gorgeous photos of you, Jasmine! Thanks for the tip about Dramanti – I’m housesitting in Wynnum next month so this is perfect timing! :)


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