DIY: Neon Coffee Table Revamp


Neon is having a moment all over blog land, and I have noticed my pinterest boards slowly being overcome with bright colours.

I just can’t go past the way a splash of neon can light up an outfit, brighten up a room or add a fresh summery vibe to anything it touches.

Needless to say, when it came time to choose paint for my latest DIY project, I couldn’t go past the brightest neon yellow that I could find in Bunnings.

The photos really don’t do it justice, in real life the colour is much more neon than banana yellow.


Coffee Table Revamp

I have been on the lookout for a coffee table to makeover ever since we got our couch.  It felt like something that has been lacking from our lounge room, as a place to put our coffees, glasses of wine or just put our feet up, without both trying to squish on the chaise area of the lounge (as romantic as that can be.

An op shop visit saw a $10 coffee table come home with me.

At first glance it was very poor quality, made from some kind of bamboo, with a non-matching table top, yet looking at the shape of the base, I knew that a couple coats of white paint would do it a world of good.

Since I paint with a brush, the shape of the base made it rather time consuming and challenging, but a couple of coats of primer and a semi-gloss top coat had it looking as good as new.

It didn’t take much thought choosing the neon yellow for the table top, which brings out the yellow in our floral cushions, and as soon as I opened the tin of paint I knew I had made the right choice.

2-3 coats of the top and the colour was vivid and bright.  I couldn’t help smiling when I looked at it so I knew that the colour choice was perfect.

A couple coats of top sealant for protection and it has found its new place in our lounge room, topped with a succulent.  I am so pleased that it turned out exactly as I had envisaged.

The shape is ideal as it tucks away beside the couch but also can be pulled out for use by numerous people, rather than leaving wine glasses on the floor where they will inevitably be kicked.

As I already had the white paint and primer from a previous project, the yellow was a sample sized pot which was less than $10, and the table was from an op shop, this project was low cost and really didn’t take too much work.  With a bit of effort you can certainly create your own statement coffee table for very little expense!  I would love to see the results if you give it a go!


Photos from: my camera

Paint colour: Taubman’s Hi-C Yellow

Succulents: Bunnings

Pots: Ikea



6 thoughts on “DIY: Neon Coffee Table Revamp

  1. tina

    wow dr fizzle that is gorgeous, you have done it again, thats what i call a low budget project and you are right about neon colors they are certainly coming back in, you certainly fill up your time while studying with one thing or another and as usual i love reading what you do love and kisses see you soon xxxxx

    1. jazziefizzle Post author

      Thanks Aunty Tina! Yep gotta keep the creative mind active too – too much time in the books would send me crazy!

  2. soph (owl vs. dove)

    This turned out great! Love me some neon. I recently picked up an old dressing table and was throwing around the idea of painting the legs or drawers neon pink. This has definitely swayed me to do so!

    1. jazziefizzle Post author

      Thanks lovely! Yes dresser drawers or legs would look fabulous. The problem for me is I have such a hard time deciding what colour!

    1. jazziefizzle Post author

      Thanks lovely! Yes such a good idea and easy way to update furniture and add excitement! I’m personally more of a fan of a paintbrush than spray but if spray works for you go for it (and could you please give me a lesson? haha)


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