The Wellbeing Cookbook – FREE e-book!

Do you ever get stuck for ideas for easy or healthy dinners, breakfasts or snacks?  I am so excited to share with you a FREE downloadable e-book full of easy and nutritious recipes (with plenty of vegetarian options) that I hope will help to inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook yourself a healthy meal.


















The Wellbeing Cookbook has been a project I have been working on since January this year, in an effort to inspire other students to get into the kitchen and eat healthily on a student budget.  It came about as a part of our university Wellbeing program with funding provided by Garnier as a part of their ambassador project.

After scouring my blog for old recipes and photos, compiling recipes from other students and some very generous food blogger contributors we had a pretty decent collection of recipes together.  What I didn’t realise was the huge amount of work and editing that goes into editing (and re-editing) and layout/design (although I did have plenty of help from some amazing people).  It gave me an even greater admiration for people who manage to write and release a cookbook, and made me realise even further the value of good recipes.  Some serious time and energy gets put into a project like this, but it was all worth it to see the final result and to hear that people have been cooking from it!

I am so happy to be able to share the final product with you, and I hope that you get a chance to try some of the recipes and enjoy the result!  I would love to hear about your successes (and any challenges) in the comments.

To view the cookbook online: Follow this link

If you would like to download it for use on your computer or ipad: Download the WELLBEING COOKBOOK


A huge thank you to the bloggers who have kindly allowed us to reproduce their work:

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One thought on “The Wellbeing Cookbook – FREE e-book!

  1. Tessa

    How cool, the result is amazing. A wide range of options to choose from. Love the photos, I’m definitely going to read it more careful soon and try some stuff out. I make my own ice-creams with strawberries as well!


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