DIY: Neon Macrame Plant Hanger


Neon colours are perfect for summertime, and a small splash of neon in your house can brighten the whole place up and make it feel fun.

The second DIY in Fizzle Out’s summertime DIY series shows you how to make a macrame plant hanger.  Macrame is showing up all over blogs and pinterest, and has always fascinated me, so when I came across a tutorial by the people blogging for Element Eden I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

At high school we had to learn how to tie knots, and to be honest, it has never really come in handy until now.

Since it has been 10 years since I graduated from grade 12 (eeeeeekkkkk time goes so fast) there is no way I could still remember how to do it, but thankfully the only knot that this tutorial requires is the standard knot that we all probably do every day.

I came across the tutorial on pinterest and knew that it would be perfect for summer as it takes a little time and a bit of patience, but is so satisfying to hang it up when you finish.

Unfortunately I just could not figure it out when I was following the instructions from Element Eden, so I browsed a few other tutorials and combined them all to make it perfect for the rope I was using. Please see my instructions below and feel free to alter them if you find a way that works better for you.

What you need:

Neon rope – I used ‘brickies twine’ from Bunnings – $5.95.  If you can find something thicker I think that will work even better!

A plant of your choice – succulents or cacti work perfectly – $3.95 from Bunnings

A bowl or pot to repot your plant from its original container (I used a shallow cereal type bowl that I originally got from Ikea (I think it was around $2)

A little gravel or potting soil

optional: a ring for hanging – I just tied it in a big loop/knot but I have no idea how long it will last (will not be surprised to hear a big crash if it hits the ground).

How to:

Re-pot your plant from its original container into a new bowl or pot, adding a little gravel or potting soil if required (succulents and cacti prefer gravel and rocks instead of too much soil).

Cut 8 equal lengths from your rope  – I made mine 1.5m long but it really depends where you are planning to hang it from and how big your pot is.  You can always trim it later so I think it is better to go too long than too short.

Tie them together in a large loop at the top (or follow the amazing tutorial on Skinny Laminx to connect your ring)

Separate the 8 ropes into 4 pairs, tie a knot in each pair (I used a standard overhand knot, but if you know any fancy knots feel free to use them!)

Grab one rope from underneath the knot, grab one rope from the adjacent pair, and tie them in a knot, about 5cm below the first one.  Repeat this with the remaining ropes from the pair, until all your ropes are paired up again.

Do this again, another 5cm below the 2nd knot – this will make a fun pattern in the top hanging area of your rope.

Hang your rope from its loop or ring in its final position, so that you can figure out how long you want it to be and can see how gravity is affecting your design.  Figure out the level that you want your plant to sit, and with it still hanging (or transfer it to a door handle or other hanging spot) tie the ropes into pairs again.

About 5cm below those knots, grab one knot from each pair and tie together, continuing as you did earlier for the top of the rope.

About 5cm below the second set of knots, tie the remaining lengths in a big knot below where the pot will sit.

Take your rope off from where it is hanging and place your pot or bowl in within the knots, checking to see that it is sturdy and won’t fall out.  If it’s not fitting perfectly or feeling stable now is the time to tweak it.  I had to add tiny lengths of rope pulling some of the long lengths closer together until I felt that it was safe from falling – it added some fun extra neon rope to the design too!

Hang it up as is or add some beads to get the hippy vibe going!

For just over $10 you can add this fun little piece to your house – I just wish I had more places to hang plants from!


What do you think – are you going to give it a go?  I would love to see the results if you do!


Photos from: my camera

DIY instructions adapted from:

Element Eden blog

Skinny Laminx

Walk in Love (with an awesome way to recycle a t-shirt instead of using rope)

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