Fizzle Out is back in action


After a long blogging hiatus I am finally returning to my little space… I have spent a bit of time evaluating what exactly it is that I want to share on here and what it is that I want to achieve, and really it comes down to my love of taking photos and story telling.  Despite the fact that i don’t have a goal or outcome in mind, and don’t exactly have mountains of spare time, I will continue to share whatever comes to mind on this blog, let the ideas flow, and use it as a creative outlet – so important now that medicine has started to take over my life.

As the days are becoming cooler and we are stuck back into uni, these pictures helped me reminisce on some of the fun we had over our summer holidays in Tasmania, plenty of exploring, amazing food, laughter and sunshine.
2013 so far has been a year of change, we have moved to a new neighbourhood that we absolutely love, started our clinical years based full time in hospital which is challenging yet exciting and grown used to the words fiancé/fiancée as opposed to boyfriend/girlfriend (makes me feel very grown up!).
As it has rained almost every day over the past few months we didn’t get to see out the end of summer with salty hair and sunkissed skin as planned, but I love that change in the air that means cool evenings huddled under blankets, watching a good movie with a glass of red.



Coming back from holidays, moving house and getting used to full time hospital placement has meant our exercise regime has slipped, but as we start to get back into it I plan to share some new goals, fitness posts, and healthy recipes focusing on whole foods.  Hope to see you around here more frequently!

















Photos from: our fuji x100, taken by me and Kris

6 thoughts on “Fizzle Out is back in action

  1. Sarah @ My First Little Place

    I just wanted to stop and say hi as I’ve just come across your beautiful blog. I’m a GC girl but currently living in Perth. Your blog is reminding me of a beautiful life on the GC and I can’t wait to come back!
    Looking forward to following x

  2. Chloé

    Ah, Ms Fizz. It’s lovely to see you back & see that life is treating you well.

    Always a pleasure to stop over and read your blog.

    Must have a coffee some time soon!

    :) x


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