Coffee adventures – Blackboard, Varsity Lakes

We recently revisited our new local cafe, Blackboard, and to be honest I can’t believe we left it so long.

Blackboard is in the heart of varsity lakes, right next to Bond University, in a cute little area full of restaurants and shops.


It is a bit of an odd setting for such a cool little place… But I’m not complaining as it is probably the closest place to our house to get a good coffee (aside from the coffee made in our kitchen of course!).


Since the rain held off for a day, we jumped on our bikes and went for a ride to blackboard. Varsity is such a bike friendly area with so many paths where you don’t have to ride with traffic, perfect for me on my beach cruiser.



We got to blackboard feeling pretty warm so went for an iced coffee rather than our usual hot drinks, and it was tasty and refreshing. The food menu looked appealing too, full of locally sourced whole ingredients, so I think we will be back for a weekend brunch in the near future.

Even if you aren’t a coffee lover you don’t miss out, they make amazing looking fresh cold pressed juices that I am keen to go back and try!

blackboard-4Sidenote… have I mentioned lately how much I adore this man?blackboard-5

A little sign posted looking for staff for their expansion into a grocery store made my heart beat faster with anticipation, not for a job but for a fantastic little grocer opening so close to home. I can’t wait to see what amazing things they will be selling.

Blackboard Specialty Coffee

7/240 Varsity Parade

Varisty Lakes, QLD

Photos by: Kris Blucher





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