Mexican Style Tablecloth DIY

Though I am in love with the little back deck that came along with our new place, the furniture we have outside is old, worn-out and uninviting.  I have been on the hunt for something to brighten it up and turn it into a spot that will be a joy to eat breakfast or just relax after a long day.

Bright colours and patterns seem to be the latest in homewares with mexican blankets and turkish rugs plastered over interior design mags and the blog-o-sphere. There is so much to love about this trend, as it can take any area with neutral furniture and transform it into a space that feels fun and full of personality.

After seeing the beautiful mexican blankets from Dos Ombre in person at The Village Markets, I have been lusting over them and picturing one casually draped over the edge of our couch, begging to be dragged down to Burleigh and laid on the grassy hill for an afternoon relaxing in the sunshine.

Unfortunately my current tight budget prohibits any such purchases for the time being (though the rainbow one is at the top of my wish list), but when I spotted a fabric with bright mexican-style colours I knew it would be the perfect solution to spruce up our outdoor space.


This fabric is thick and woven, so perfect for a tablecloth, yet was low-cost so able to be left outside in the sunshine rather than treasured as a precious item.

This DIY is super simple if you find the right fabric that works with your space:

I purchased 2m of the fabric – the selvedge came with pre-frayed edges so I left them as the edges of my table cloth.

On the cut edges, I ran a straight stitch along about 1cm in to limit the fraying, then deliberately frayed the edge up to the stitching.

tablecloth-2Done! And now I love our outdoor area – it is perfect for drinking a smoothie in the sunshine and having a little get-away in our own home.

Now to save my pennies for one of those lovely rainbow blankets to brighten up our lounge room!

Photos from: my camera

Fabric – Spotlight, Basket – second hand

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