Byron Winter Break – photo diary

Holidays rock! Even when the weather is cold and drizzly and we have made no plans, and instead lay around the house, eat warm soup and devour a book in front of the heater, the idea of a whole week off Uni with nothing planned brings a smile to my face.

We decided to book a mid week getaway to Byron Bay, and though it is only an hour from home it felt like a lifetime away, with a whole day spent strolling, eating and taking photos and staying in the cutest little guesthouse I have ever seen.

Byron winter-1 Byron winter-5 Byron winter-6 Byron winter-10 Byron winter-7 Byron winter-8 Byron winter-9

Though we feel like we know our way around Byron pretty well, we discovered some new fave spots to eat on this trip. Top shop is our latest new discovery for awesome burgers (with a great choice of veggo options), and is situated out if the hustle and bustle of the centre of town, so it feels much more like somewhere for locals than backpackers.

Byron winter-11 Byron winter-12 Byron winter-13 Byron winter-14 Byron winter-15

Byron winter-18 Byron winter-19 Byron winter-20

Naked treaties came highly recommended for its raw vegan goodness – amazing smoothies and treats that you would swear can’t be good for you (even though they are) – our top picks after two visits and multiple smoothies and treats were the cranberry ripe and the bounty.  Such amazing versions of classic chocolate bars. Byron winter-24 Byron-Getaway-5 Byron winter-3
Byron winter-2 Byron winter-4 Byron winter-21 Byron winter-22
Even though the weather turned grey and gloomy we still made the most of what byron has to offer and enjoyed our little mini-break away from the Gold Coast. Back to uni today feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and ready to get back into our routine for the remainder of the year.
Byron winter-23

Photos from: my camera, photo of me by Kris Blucher

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