Web Love – November

Do you ever find that when you have major commitments you suddenly crave ‘unimportant’ activities that you would have otherwise ignored?

Coming up to my final exams of third year, you would assume that I would have less time than ever for the seemingly trivial. But for some reason, there is a pull towards creativity, which for this moment can only be outlet on my neglected blog.

The funniest things have suddenly become a necessity through procrastination, like spring-cleaning the house, going for a long run, getting rid of half of my wardrobe, re-potting my herbs and sewing some new cushion covers, as well as spending some time on my blog – a feeling that I haven’t had for most of this year.

So here I am. Hello again! I wanted to share some AMAZING things I have come across in my wanders online, and in life, just in case you need some procrastination-worthy articles/ youtube/ links as well:

An incredibly powerful piece of poetry (the reactions of the crowd gave me goosebumps)

This piece on the impact of supermarkets on our health is a must-read

Design Love Fest never fails to impress with the freebie desktop downloads


Soft taco obsession – I have started making them from scratch and whoa – there is nothing quite like a fresh taco off the grill stuffed full of guacamole and roasted sweet potato

A little reminder to get offline, put down your phone, and live a little

The makeover of Elsie’s dining room – there are so many things to love about it – the bare hanging bulbs, the yellow chairs, the massive wooden table and that bar cart!

Love these DIY succulent wedding favours (I really should whip out my green thumb and get propagating)

YUM! Pesto stuffed mushrooms look delicious

The Spring’s Tasmania adventures – such a stunning part of the world and happy memories of our summer holiday (and engagement) from last Christmas

Surprisingly, some people need to be reminded of this from time to time

Indoor tee-pees – fab example and DIY instructions

LOVE this daybed creation from Peppa Hart! Sophie’s colourful and seemingly effortless styling in combination with her talented husband Michael’s handiwork gives a lust-worthy result. Such a unique piece of furniture that could be a feature piece of any home.

peppa hart daybed

And to top it off Michael is now taking custom orders if you want one of your own! PS. How fabulous is Peppa Hart looking! Love the logo and the layout, not to mention the stack of top notch content – it is so easy to get lost in.

Mood boarding for an upcoming photo shoot

Ah this lamp is just amazing… the only problem is which colour to choose!


Gala Darling falls in love with my home-town. So nice to see Queensland from a tourist perspective.

Stunning woven rugs

The Whole Pantry app – such beautiful design, an inspiring story and the vegan peanut butter cup recipe is drool worthy!

Lily Allen’s new song (and film clip) = legendary

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