Summer to-do list

Have you ever made a to-do list for leisure activities?  I often do… but the best part is it doesn’t matter if you check things off or not, and the more you do check off the more fun you are having!


Since the summer holidays have officially started, here is my summertime list of ‘to-dos’ (or in many cases, the to-dos are forcing you to just relax)

  • Eat a mango with your bare hands (preferably in a bikini pool-side) – bonus points for buying a massive tray of mangoes and using them for every meal.  Mango in salads is so YUM!
  • Exercise on the beach and then cool off with an ocean swim – I did this yesterday and it was easily the best swim of my life!
  • Escape the heat by going to the cinema for a mid-afternoon movie (don’t forget a cardigan, it gets cold in there!)
  • Lay in bed with the window open listening to a summer thunderstorm roll in and watching the lightning
  • Picnic on a patch of green grass (bonus points for taking a cute picnic basket full of home made lunch)
  • Go out on a boat (if you don’t have one – hire/borrow or talk a friend into taking you)
  • Hire a stand-up paddle board and cruise around the nearest water source



  • Escape to a hidden water hole
  • Clean out your winter clothes and donate any you don’t wear to an op shop
  • Grab a disposable waterproof camera and take photos in the pool or ocean, then drop the film off to be developed
  • Lay under a tree or in a hammock with a good book
  • Learn to surf


  • Ride your bike to the beach
  • Make the most of summertime fruits – peaches, nectarines, mangoes, cherries, plums…
  • Tie your salty hair in a top-knot
  • Take a road trip to a coastal town


  • Outdoor cinema
  • Hide under a big floppy hat with oversized sunglasses
  • Choose a bunch of different flavours of gelato and eat it quickly before it melts
  • Choose a summer anthem and play it on repeat


How do you make sure you get the most out of summer?

Photos: by Kris Blucher and from my phone (square)


2 thoughts on “Summer to-do list

  1. Gold Coast Jimmy

    Your list sounds like the greatest GC summer holiday of all time!!
    I would also add: camp out under the stars with friends (even if it’s in the back yard).
    + making summer fruit punch (spiked of course).
    I’m going to try some of your list :)


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