Phone addiction

Do you ever find yourself staring at your phone more than the person you are hanging out with?  Laying in bed gazing at a screen instead of into the eyes of your beloved?  Eating a meal in silence as everyone is engrossed in their own little world of social media?  

There is something so sad about looking around a table and seeing everyone looking down at their phones rather than interacting with each other.  I am guilty of it sometimes, particularly in an uncomfortable situation or when I’m not engrossed in conversation, my phone can seem like a safety blanket connecting me to people that I love.


The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is roll over to grab my phone. Initially it is to stop my alarm and look at the time, yet I am suddenly overwhelmed by notifications demanding my attention.  Within moments of wakening I become lost in a stream of Instagram images, a Twitter feed or Facebook updates.

Mindless consumption of social media has somehow crept into my life and become a part of my every day.  I don’t like it, I don’t want to do it, but I am for some reason unable to stop.   

On the flip side, I am still blown away but how far phones have come. I recently used an old phone for 2 weeks and was reminded by the amazingness that we carry around and take advantage of without even acknowledging how mind-blowingly useful they are.


Can you believe that in that tiny case you have your calendar, notebook, camera, laptop, refedex, TV, and anything else you could desire with infinite information accessible at your fingertips. It really is an amazing piece of technology that is useful and life-changing on many levels, despite its intrusion into our lives.


My goal is not to get rid of my phone, nor to delete all my social media, but to make a choice about what and when to consume.

To connect with people rather than just liking their photos on Instagram.

To use my camera and hold prints in my hands.

To focus on the present moment rather than wondering what is happening on Facebook.

To read more books than blogs.

To do some real-life-flirting rather than swiping through Tinder.

To listen to music of new bands that I hang out to see at live gigs

Meg from Adventuring Home blogged about this same topic, hitting the nail on the head with this gem about why she is putting her phone down:

“More time to create, more time to grow. more time to do crazy-fun-beautiful things.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, this clip is well worth the watch:



In just over a week I head to Nepal, where I anticipate phone service and internet access will be patchy at best.  What an opportunity for a 6 week ‘detox’ from my reliance on all things social media (except for travel snaps on instagram of course!)

Have you recently eased off the use of your phone or other social media?  Any tips and tricks for backing off and using technology to complement your life rather than letting it take over?

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