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DIY: Ombre Shirt Cushion Covers

Uni holidays see DIY projects that have been bubbling away in my mind come to fruition.

I was chatting to a girlfriend who is into home decorating on a budget and she mentioned that she had used an old men’s business shirt with buttons as the back of a cushion cover, rather than bothering with extra material and zips.

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Starting out Sewing

I have always wanted to learn how to sew.  On trips to the op shop I tend to return with items that are perfect, except that they are just a little too big, or could use the hem shortened – and as much as I have good intentions of hand-sewing alterations, they sit in my cupboard unworn until the next closet clean out when they are donated back to charity.

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Up-cycled Strawberry Planter

Ever since my first strawberry, my little strawberry plants have been going crazy in a tiny pot, begging to be replanted.

Finally when holidays came, I had time for a little project that has been waiting to be done for ages, fixing up an old wooden box that I found on junk day – which is the perfect size for a strawberry patch.

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DIY: Affordable Art

Anyone who is on a budget will know that finding art to decorate your home can get expensive.  Of course, these days you can buy affordable art on etsy, but framing can be very pricey.

When we went to the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition in Brisbane we were so inspired by his work,  it made me want to go out and buy a vintage camera and black and white film in an attempt to recreate the stunning and emotive pictures that he captured.

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