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Monday Munchies – Drinking Coconut

Sorry, yet again Monday Munchies has been a little delayed due to a chaotic weekend in Melbourne.  Will post about what I was up to sometime this week.

Do you ever start thinking about something and then suddenly you see it and come across it everywhere you look?

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the health benefits of a raw vegan diet, and suddenly I have found it mentioned on blogs, came across documentaries about it, met inspiring people who eat mostly raw and have been eaten and tried out a few raw ‘cooking’ techniques.

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Monday Munchies – Thai Green Curry Paste

Monday Munchies this week involves something I have wanted to learn to make for a while now, Thai green curry paste, from scratch.

Unfortunately we haven’t really discovered any fabulous thai places on the Gold Coast yet (but would love recommendations in the comments!), so when the craving for thai curry comes along, we tend to cook it at home.

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Monday Munchies – Raw Hazelnut Balls

In any attempt to eat healthier, I find it so important that you don’t feel like you are missing out or holding back on eating what you crave, otherwise you tend to cave at the worst times and overindulge.

For me, often I just get a craving for something sweet, so these help to satisfy that craving without reaching for lollies/ice cream/cake.  They are all vegan, raw and the sugar comes from the dates rather than being added in.

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Monday Munchies – Chana Chaat, Indian Style Salad

This week’s Monday Munchies recipe comes from a new cookbook that one of my best girlfriends got me for my birthday: Vegetarian by Alice Hart.

I have so many cookbooks and cooking magazines, but this is one that I know will be on high rotation in my kitchen.  The photography is stunning, recipes simple enough to make on a normal day and there are a whole bunch of ‘how-to’ instructions scattered throughout the book.

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Monday Munchies – Muesli & Berry Yoghurt Cups

Making a crowd-pleasing reasonably healthy breakfast/morning tea for our colleagues has been one of our cooking challenges this year, but we figured that something easy to eat and individually portioned usually works best to ensure we have taken enough food without any excessive waste.

Kris decided that for his group he would make a muesli, yoghurt and berry ‘parfait’, layering home toasted muesli (that he made himself), greek yoghurt with passionfruit and mixed berries (thawed from frozen).  Any kind of fruit would work perfectly and you could even use store bought muesli to make life easier.

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Monday Munchies – Green Smoothie Success

For ages I have been meaning to try a green smoothie as a healthier alternative to a dairy based banana or berry one, mostly to try to increase my intake of leafy greens.

Recent blood tests showed that I am quite iron deficient (which is not surprising considering I have been veggo my whole life ), so as well as a supplement, I am making a big effort to eat greens every single day.

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