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31 days of gratitude

August was a month full of gratitude for me, and for those of you who played along in the #iamgrateful gratitude photo a day project, I hope that you gained as much as I did from the process.

Forcing yourself to look around and take a picture of something you are grateful for each day (whether you follow a list or not) gives the same benefits as a gratitude list, allowing you to appreciate what you have and opening your mind to a positive way of thinking.

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Gratitude photo a day project: ‘I am grateful for…’

‘When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears’ – Anthony Robbins

Though I know I have talked about it a lot, I have to reiterate that I believe gratitude is the way to be truly satisfied and happy with life.  Rather than comparing ourselves to others, when our attention is turned to that which we are grateful for, it is impossible not to feel like the luckiest person in the world.

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Breakfast – Morning Porridge

With the season changing and the mornings becoming crisp and chilly, there is nothing quite as warming and satisfying as a bowl of porridge. Aside from the nutritional benefits of rolled oats and the lack of added nasties like in highly processed cereals, oats really are one of the cheapest breakfast options around. With the addition of some fruit and yoghurt, the taste certainly doesn’t reflect the frugal price.

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Why I love my iPad


When I started getting into cooking, I would constantly go back and forth between my computer and the kitchen, looking up recipes, or be flicking through recipe books, trying to find the page I was after. One day I thought, how good would it be if you had some kind of electronic cookbook, where you could store recipes or browse the web for what you needed?

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Monday Munchies – Carrot Cake Pancakes

Since we are on uni holidays, I thought it would be a good opportunity to have a bit of a diet overhaul and focus on eating much more salad and drinking plenty of veggie juice, in between reading medico-legal articles, writing assignments and savouring the last bits of warm weather with breaks to swim in the ocean.

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