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Byron Winter Break – photo diary

Holidays rock! Even when the weather is cold and drizzly and we have made no plans, and instead lay around the house, eat warm soup and devour a book in front of the heater, the idea of a whole week off Uni with nothing planned brings a smile to my face. We decided to book a mid week getaway to Byron Bay, and though it is only an hour from home it felt like a lifetime away, with a whole day spent strolling, eating and taking photos and staying in the cutest little guesthouse I have ever seen.

Fizzle Out is back in action


After a long blogging hiatus I am finally returning to my little space… I have spent a bit of time evaluating what exactly it is that I want to share on here and what it is that I want to achieve, and really it comes down to my love of taking photos and story telling.  Despite the fact that i don’t have a goal or outcome in mind, and don’t exactly have mountains of spare time, I will continue to share whatever comes to mind on this blog, let the ideas flow, and use it as a creative outlet – so important now that medicine has started to take over my life.

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Toy Camera

It is getting to the business end of the academic year so my to-do list keeps on growing so this little blog space has been a bit neglected.  Hopefully I get my creative cooking mo-jo back sometime soon and will have some recipes to share with you.

About 2 years ago I decided it would be fun to buy a toy film camera. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I ended up just buying a super cheap one on ebay and some film and had fun with the mystery of what my photos would turn out like.

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Coffee Adventures: Commune

Though we spend each and every day together and are now living alone, Kris and I have noticed that we are often preoccupied with other things on our mind, which is completely understandable with our current study commitments.

In an attempt to be more ‘present’ and enjoy some ‘quality’ time together, we have decided to start a combined project that will allow us to explore more of our surroundings.

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Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

Despite a few rough times, including losing a grandmother each, having our entire city flooded and finding out that my little brother was mugged at gunpoint,  2011 really has been a fabulous year!

The year started off with us settling back in to the Gold Coast for our first year of Med School, and though it was a constant battle between beach and study, we found balance and started to appreciate living in such a beautiful place.  With the support of our wonderful families, understanding friends, and each other, we got through the year unscathed and both excelled academically, rounding out the year with rural placements where we were thrown in the deep end and learned more than we ever expected.

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Historical Melbourne

Aside from the food, and the fact that my wonderful extended family lives here – one of the greatest things about Melbourne are the old buildings.  It is such a contrast to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, both of which have very little in the way of history.

It is so easy to walk past and miss some amazing buildings that are used for shops on ground floor, so I have been doing the typical tourist thing and looking up while walking.

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